Optimise your presence on distribution channels !

Update your tariffs with only a click on your direct channel, OLTA, IDS, GDS, wholesalers, mobile apps, social networks and metasearch platforms.
Your channel manager simplifies price management and availabilities, thanks to a user friendly application.

You save hours of work daily and increase your benefits

Simple, fast, intuitive and immediate

Improve your benefits, avoid overbooking

Synchronise tarifs through your search engine and your online channels. Give advantage to your website on OTAS

Follow and analyse

Increase your revenue thanks to your revenue rapports and a revenue management strategy

One click parity for all channels

Exports tariffs (BAR) from you channel manager in one click and use them to optimise your strategy of tariffs


Obtain analytics for all reservation to adapt your yield management strategy

User friendly interface based in the cloud

Extremely easy browsing in the system on one screen, all hosted in the cloud without any installation required.

Fast execution

Modify simultaneously tarifs, availabilities and restrictions

Centralised attribution

This function manages your inventory

Optimal connectivity

Connect your channel manager to a large panel of PMS.

Your questions, our answers

Can I connect my new channel manager to my booking engine?

Yes, you can integrate our channel manager to the booking engine and this is done in only a few minutes. Taking the decision of integrating complete and compatible solutions remains the cheapest and most appropriate option. You will have a robust and trustworthy solution.

Does my channel manager influence my direct marketing?

Possessing an accessible user-friendly channel manager shows you that an e-strategy is feasible…of course connections are essential for your direct marketing strategy.

50% of internet users visiting your page on OTAs complete their searches by going to your official website. So the most visible you are on OTAs, the higher the number of visitors to your site will be which therefore increases your chances of direct bookings.