Own your e-reputation

Are you aware of your customers reviews and comments? Not to pay enough attention to them could be harmful to your hotel’s reputation. Customers like to look at other customers’ reviews and they even exchange comments. Managing and treating these reviews give more of a human touch to your hotel. Not only will it show that you are willing to improve your services, it will also show you are trustworthy. Thanks to our customer satisfaction surveys, you can know in real time your hotel’s reputation and therefore be proactive of your customers’ needs.

A global view of your e-reputation

Customers’ satisfaction surveys are sent to your customers. Reviews and comments are shared with you allowing you have a global understanding of your e-reputation.

Taking advantage of customers’ reviews

Using these reviews/ feedbacks allow you to improve your average price. By improving customers’ reviews, you will bring more revenue.

Find out what customers really think

Gather comments before arrivals and making sure they are not published on TripAdvisor etc.  Be informed of their preferences before check-in in order to personalise their stays and hence impress them. GuestWiz customers satisfaction surveys are available in 10 languages and adapted to smartphones.

Follow your customers’ satisfaction level

Be informed in real time and immediately detect the general satisfaction of your customers towards your hotel but also on specific domains (reception, cleaning services, food and beverage, spa…).

Immediately solve issues

Give value to your strengths and work on your weak points as much as you can.

Hire your staff

Download full reports and share the results with your staff. You will then be able to decide on which strategy to adopt to improve your hotel’s e-reputation.

Your questions, our answers

What is your hotel’s e-reputation?

It is the image conveyed by your hotel online. It is the image web users will get depending on the flow of information they will be exposed to online.

This reputation is built/ made by bloggers, web users on different channels:  TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, other social networks, participative medias, blogs, consumer reviews, etc..

Why should I use an automated online monitoring tool?

There are many travel blogs available online. It is more and more difficult to find out consumer feelings and to efficiently communicate to this target group. We make it easier for you.