GDS for hoteliers

Channel which we have had the tendency of forgetting since the arrival of OTAs. From content examination of GDS and analysis of tariffs’ strategy, to signature of targeted contracts, average tariffs usually remain higher then through traditional channels. 

HOTELDATA solutions offers you next commercial opportunities for special contract or targeted GDS content.


The hotel appears on GDS

Once your connexions are established through your channel manager, we make sure you are visible. We proceed to the online content and tariffs check. Consulting is also part of our core business.

Your rooms are visible on all 4 main GDS

As of today, there are 650 000 travel agencies connected to GDS. This channel has a 5% annual growth.

Your questions, our answers

Are GDS still of interest with all these new entrants in the market?

GDS represent 20% of the revenue of distribution activities. They enable you to diversify your distribution but also to target new types of customers such as enterprises. GDS represent 58 million hotel reservations per yearend increase of 5% each year.

Are GDA to complex? Payments and commissions to be paid?

From your channel manager, you simultaneously control your booking engine and GDS channels. This channel shows the same characteristics as OTAs (description, images, tariffs and availabilities). Its the way of looking which differs, not the results.

Does my hotel need to be present on GDS?

Multiply your chances of getting new customers. The GDS network is still divided into 50% leisure and 50% business. Concerning international customers who do not book through the internet, 2 out of 10 prefer booking through a local travel agency.