Responsive website

A hotel website is usually where customers’ get their first impression. Hence, it is essential to make it as attractive as possible.

With the use of mobile and tablets, your website needs to be adapted and adaptable to the various sizes and formats of screens: computer, tablets, smartphones, etc…
Hoteldata solutions develops website thought of for hotels and adapted to clients. Create your website to facilitate your customers’ internet experience.

Henceforth, enable your business to be profitable!

Only one and unique website

Only one website for all devices

An emotional design for a better customer experience

Customers’ want a website where they dont need to zoom in on every page or images.

An enhanced image

Your hotel’s image should be reflected through your website.

Smooth maintenance and follow-up

A continuous follow-up and support will be provided by one of our team members to optimise your website.

Simple and intuitive content management system (CMS)

We use wordpress, an open source CMS system with a user-friendly back office!

Increased revenus

Enhancing your website will increase your revenus..A good website provides a good conversion rate. Due to lack of information, bad browsing, a customer can decide to go on a competitors’ website. With a unique URL , your campaigns will also be more efficient.

Google referencing

Adapted websites have a better reference in google Your are present on Book and Google.

Your questions, our answers

What is responsive?

Responsive web design is a conceptual approach, which elaborates websites to offer an improved browsing and reading experience, regardless of the device used (smartphones, tablets, computer screens, etc…). For a successful experience, columns and images should adjust automatically depending on the resolution’s requirements.

Can I update my website’s content?

You can manage your website’s content through our CMS: it is user friendly and it only takes 30 minutes to go through the training.

Will it improve my referencing?

Your responsible website will improve your website’s referencing. This solutions is recommended by google hence why it is privileged in the search results. Also, images’ previews of a certain size on search engines represent advantages in the ‘natural’ referencing. Indexing is also improved with a responsive website. All of your pages have a unique address, incoming links all direct to the same URL which facilitates referencing. This allows you to achieve economies of scale since only one modification is necessary with responsive design.