Revenue Management expertise


“Selling the right room tot he right customer, at the right time, to the right price, on the right distribution channel, with the best commission possible” (Landman, 2011).

Hoteldata solutions offers you to optimise your revenue and occupancy rate. Offer the right tariff at the right time thanks to our yield managers! We give you recommendations which you are free to accept, apply them or not.

Deciding on a pricing policy based on your cities demand and offer, depending on the market’s segmentation and competition, requires a real expertise of revenue optimisation tools.

A revenue management strategy developed by data-driven senior experts.

Optimise your revenue

By controlling the volume sold at all price levels, for all segments, you increase your revenue

Maximised Occupancy rate

Increase of your REV/PAR


Complete your revenue by taking full advantage of our networked analytical solutions


Analytical data

For revenue management, internal and external analytical data are used (centralised Big Data). The first source of information comes from your channel manager’s tools. These analytics should be used to take decisions. We use an “intelligent calendar” for decision making. We go back in time, we stay informed of your city’s events so your activity is synched to your city’s ones.

We watch your competitors and their activities

Sales are made thanks to analytics from 2308 hotels worldwide

Your questions, our answers

What is revenue management?

It is a flexible marketing tarification tool used in services characterised by a strong presence of fixed cost.
It consists in maximising the revenue by playing with variables such as price , occupancy rate, thanks to a differentiated tariff policy.
Lowest prices are offered for bookings made long in advance or at the contrary at the last minute. Yield management applications have had new applications with the development of internet, which helps with real-time tariff policies.