Grâce au SEM de HOTELDATA Solutions, la visibilité de votre site internet est accrue sur les pages de résultat des moteurs de recherche.

Vous reprenez le contrôle sur le détournement de trafic des OTA et augmentez ainsi vos réservations directes.

Notre e-marketing est ouvert à l’ensemble des réseaux sociaux.

An expertise in the hotel field

We have more than 10 years experience in this field

Pay per results

You pay per bookings not per click.

Your questions, our answers

Why are SEM campaigns required if my official website appears in organic searches ?

Thanks to SEM campaigns, you choose your landing page (url). For example, the page containing your special offers and promotions. The SEO campaigns only redirect you to your home page.

Don’t we tend not to click on search pages with advertisements because we afraid they’ll be more expensive?

We tend to click on the first 3 results more by habit. In order to be within these first 3 searches, you have to pay google. It is faster and simpler for your digital customer.

Why should I communicate online with my hotel’s name?

Being one of the top 3 searches represents more than 65% of the internet traffic – in other words, 7 out of 10 customers.

Why carrying PPC campaigns when OTAs can do them for me?

Your brand is a key-word. OTAs multiply their brands all the time and redirect digital travellers to pages where your brand will be present. But with your competitors. Their commission varies from 18% to 25% when ours is 5% and this only on confirmed bookings.